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I am looking for someone who has strong knowledge about how recycling of materials takes place and the process involved, that can help me better understand the environmental impact.

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Our mission is to make public aware about the environmental impact or contribution to global warming that the packaging of products have, most of which we directly throw into dustbin just after opening the package.

The challenge

Packaging plays an important role in marketing industry. Most of the things that we purchase comes in a fancy packets generally made of cardboards or plastics for example Toothpastes, soaps, Cornflakes, egg trays etc. But in most of the cases we just open the box take out the product and throw that packaging into dustbin. So the question arises was that packaging really required at first place, what is the amount of resources used to makes that and what is its carbon footprint? Most importantly there is no sign or symbol on that package that informs public about these information.

The solution

When we purchase electrical appliances we look for its energy rating, when we purchase vehicles we look for vehicle emission rating so why not have and have environmental rating on the packaging of every product that we purchase on daily basis. Ratings based on its necessity, carbon footprint, water consumption, energy consumption, biodegradability etc. while producing those. It will not only help in reducing global carbon emission as by making public more aware of the choices that they make and its effect on environment but also help industries to reduce their production and packaging cost.

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