Makaan - Providing habitable & affordable housing
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Nitesh Mithapelli
Ajlal Arif
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Mechanical Engineers (Focus on Robotics & Sustainable Engineering) Architects (Focus on low-cost compact housing projects) Civil Engineers (Focus on Project Management, Built Environment/Structural Engineering)

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Makaan - Providing habitable & affordable housing

Regularising informal housing through innovative construction solutions

The challenge

The focus of infrastructural development plans in developing countries tends to be lopsided. Inclined more towards ensuring efficient working of industrial sectors and less towards humans that facilitate the smooth working of these sectors. This leads to the problem of rising housing prices not commensurate to per capita income resulting in a lack of affordable formal housing. Hence, people resort to informal settlements described as ‘slums’ which are unfit for human habitation by reasons of faulty arrangements of design of buildings, streets, sanitation facilities which are further detrimental to safety, health and morals. We aim to address these problems through affordable housing.

The solution

Traditional construction methods used to provide new housing is not a panacea to the existing housing problems as the current data suggests it won’t be able to meet the demands of the future. Over the long run, we intend to regularise these informal settlements by providing habitable, safe, affordable, compact, instant and aesthetically pleasing public housing by replacing the existing settlements without the need for additional land use. The novel 3D concrete printing technology with its ability to use localized material, precision quality, being less laborious, sustainable and cost-effectiveness make it the best solution to address current problems.

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