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Human Nest Builders

Sustainable and affordable housing

The challenge

Housing is an asset. The construction price of the housing is shooting towards the sky and most of the people couldn't afford it. Besides cost, making a furnished house in remote locations is very challenging. In addition, the wastage of the constructions is also very high.COVID-19 made considerable changes in everyone's lifestyle. Now, most of the people are working online and from remote locations. Instead of constructing sky scrappers, building ecological, sustainable, and affordable should be the main focus for any developing or developed countries.

The solution

Large scale 3D-Printing for construction will be an ultimate solution for providing affordable, ecological, and sustainable housing. The use of 3D-Printing reduces the capital cost of the construction by nearly half. There are many companies that manufacture 3D printers, most of them are in research and development. Bringing it into commercial use booms the real estate business. 3D print houses mainly solve three issues - Affordability, Time, and Location. There are many benefits and very few limitations for this business. The main benefit we can make preplans of housing and provide a choice of selection to the people. Innovative design ideas can be implemented. The only limitation which persists initial stage of business is material and technology service which can be solved as the business grows.

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