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Refeel wants to reduce plastic waste from personal care products by making packaging valuable again.

The challenge

The average consumer uses hundreds of plastic bottles for personal care every year. As none of the packaging for shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, toothpaste or mouthwash are refillable, every person adds about their own weight in plastic waste to the planet every year. Only for personal care. The challenge is to create a new business model where the plastic packaging remains valuable to the user.

The solution

Refeel wants to reduce the waste originating from personal care products by creating refillable bottles for customized personal care products, starting with shampoo and conditioner. The ultimate goal is to change the way consumers deal with packaging. The first step towards this goal is to design an attractive recyclable shampoo and conditioner bottle that can be refilled multiple times. We encourage people to gift a refeel bottle to their friends or family. This increases the connection of the user to the packaging. The second step is to create a vending machine that can refill bottles with a customized formula. The vending machine instantly mixes a base formula with the desired colour and fragrance that can be selected by the customer. The vending machines can be placed in drug stores, attracting additional customers.

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