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AeraStriX aims to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for mitigating flow-induced noise at source level in consumer appliances.

The challenge

Noise annoyance has been linked to lower quality-of-life and productivity, affecting a significant number of people daily (EU-OSHA report, 2005). One of the major causes are flow-induced noise mechanisms in many consumer appliances, from fans in laptops to compressors in vacuum cleaners. Traditionally, acoustic insulation has been utilised to mitigate sound transmission. This approach, however, is not always practical and could lead to heavier and bulkier products. Thus, despite the increasing customer preference for quieter appliances (QuietMark-UK, 2019), especially due to rising work-from-home trend, some manufacturers may be unprepared and lack the know-how to capture such market opportunity.

The solution

AeraStriX supports businesses in improving the acoustic signature of their products by providing flow-induced noise mitigation solutions at the source level. This is achieved primarily through smart flow control techniques. At first, sound characteristics most relevant to annoyance are identified using psychoacoustics-based assessments. Then, noise source localisation are performed to ensure that the solutions could be applied with the highest efficacy while limiting adverse side-effects. The outcome of these evaluations determines the appropriate noise mitigation approach, which can include aerodynamic shape optimisation, edge addons, and permeable surface treatments.

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