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Inspiring and motivated personalities who are willing to form the future of the Internet of Things! Apart from that, the following background would be ideal: - Experience in app programming and scripting - Interest in deep machine learning - Interest in human-computer-interaction or - Knowledge in Climate Engineering and Digital Climate Analysis methods

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We are enhancing the personal wellbeing with interactive architecture!

The challenge

Emotions are neural impulses that move a person to action, prompting automatic reactive behaviour to actively react on its environment. Now imagine the opposite, the environment now reacts on the emotions of its user, automatically changing the indoor climate. Think of illuminance, temperature, and ventilation, which are connected to the feelings and personal preferences of the person inside. This leads to an increased mood, productivity, and work performance, without any physical action needed. Cars can already drive autonomously, let's bring our living spaces on the same level!

The solution

We built an innovative interface, that can sense and reflect on the user's subconscious emotions and can actively regulate the indoor climate reacting to the user's needs. The feelings are measured by different sensor devices, which can sense brainwaves and body characteristics. This data is processed and analysed by an algorithm that will learn its user's characteristics and preferences. Finally, your living environment reacts fully on your needs!



Tel: +31 (0)6 38 09 08 92 (WhatsApp)

TU Delft Campus

Building 26C

Van der Burghweg 1

2628 CS Delft

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