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- experience in moving towards a low waste life style - trust in collective power to change industry - enthusiasm about waste reduction - placing nature above convenience mindset - drive to educate, engage and help the community to alter their consumption lifestyle - community focus

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Trashure Nature

Observing and reducing (plastic) consumption behaviour by offering playful personalised solutions throughout your potential low waste journey.

The challenge

Aiming to adapt towards a low waste lifestyle by observing, understanding, changing and reducing our waste and consumption habits. The main problem we are addressing is the high amount of waste generated by us as consumers. We think our fast needs and general consumption habits are likely driven by easy offerings from the industry with the mindset of a dated system: human convenience over nature. We ask questions about the necessity of products around us, we observe, test and share our knowledge around living without waste. We believe that collective small changes can lead to big ones. Everyone can contribute!

The solution

We make lasting connections with local businesses (e.g. cheesestores, farmer, butcher, bakery, chocolate store, market, secondhand shop) to create solutions with less to no single use packaging, stimulate more natural eating and decrease our waste together. Bring what we have, not use what we don’t really need; with this motto we are not stimulating bringing unnecessary materials into our waste stream. We create awareness by offering workshops, webinars and in house tours to get you familiar with our concepts and create a community mindset. Sharing recipes, tools and tricks. If your are enthusiastic about tackling this problem together, we offer memberships to guide and aid you throughout your own low waste journey.

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Tel: +31 (0)6 38 09 08 92 (WhatsApp)

TU Delft Campus

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