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* Chemical engineer well versed in polymers and cleaning agents * Process engineer (experience with coating and casting processes is preferable) * Data science generalist * Life cycle analyst

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Swap Tag

Swap tags are wash and care indicators for clothing, providing means to make garment sharing a way of life.

The challenge

Fashion industry's GHG emissions contribute close to 4% of the global emissions, which is more than emissions of countries like France and the UK. McKinsey & Company in a report stated that it is necessary to redefine business models and consumer behaviour in the industry to be able to meet global sustainability goals. Sharing economy is becoming popular as a means to abate consumerism and make the industry sustainable. P2p sharing, rentals and other garment sharing businesses have also reported a rise in consumer engagement lately, even more so since the pandemic. However, tracking the garments cleaning and care process is a limiting issue.

The solution

Swap Tags are smart labels that will be designed to act as indicators of whether or not proper care routine specific to the label has been followed. Swap Tag is a business focused on designing and manufacturing these labels. Clear indicators of cleaning activities will not only support existing sharing platforms by decoupling the cleaning process and the sharing process but also provide flexibility to develop more sustainable business models in fashion industry. Swap tags can bring wardrobe sharing to the common household! Owners and users can confidently make the transactions with swap tags knowing that the guarments have been cared for.

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