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Bisma Renata Artala
Kanya Koesoemo
Farizky Wijanarko
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Integrating all transportation modes in Jakarta to make the traffic better

The challenge

Millions of people travel in the greater Jakarta area every day and consequently, the city possess one of the worst traffic in the world. The high number of private vehicle ownership worsen the traffic even more while also polluting the air even worse. Moreover, majority of trips made by Jakarta’s citizens are consisted of multiple modes. However, planning multiple trips on multiple attempts and different modes are not convenient and less flexible. Hence, the travelers tend to use the private vehicle instead of the public transportation, and as a result, traffic congestions are inevitable. A more integrated solution is needed.

The solution

We provide a Mobility-as-a-Service solution through an aggregation platform by integrating the information of public and private means of transportation. The idea is to provide a private and public transportation mode without having to own it. We also offer a personalized trip planner to suit individual preferences bundled with a single payment gateway for all transport modes. The embedded AI recommends individuals select the best transport modes for their respective destinations.

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