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The challenge

As the online-shopping industry grows rapidly (2.14bn online shoppers worldwide in 2021), E-shops struggle with high cart abandonment rates. It has been observed that 79% of online buyers in the EU, and 69.8% of online buyers in the US regularly abandon their carts, significantly affecting the e-shops revenue. A large share of this phenomenon is due to the requirement to create an account and the unnecessarily lengthy check-out process, based on the end-users survey the team conducted. Hence, there is a great need for a check-out process, which will let the online shoppers complete their purchases more conveniently, and therefore lower the E-shop cart abandonment rates.

The solution

Syppie is an instant check-out plugin offered to E-shop platforms. Syppie will allow the end-users (online shoppers) to experience a seamless check-out experience, without the need to refill their personal information (Name, shipping address, etc.) and payment credentials every time they make an online purchase. For the E-shop owners, this is directly linked to decreased cart abandonment rate, and thus increased sales.


Syppie helps e-shops transform their check-out process - often responsible for sale losses - to a simple button click. It extends the capability of selling their products, not only on there e-shops but also at any point of inspiration (Facebook posts, instagram stories YouTube videos, online articles etc)

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