Production of Vegan Egg Whites from Bio-Diesel Waste Streams
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Production of Vegan Egg Whites from Bio-Diesel Waste Streams

The challenge

Individuals who abstain from the consumption of animal-based products often suffer from a lack of pure proteins that can be found in hens’ eggs. Hens eggs are often used as an ideal source of proteins as well as a binding agent for cooking and baking. Alternative products are used as a substitute for eggs, but these products have large carbon footprints due to their production methods.

The solution

Our solution to this problem is the production of vegan egg whites that are molecularly identical to hens’ eggs. These egg whites will be produced using methylotrophic yeast making their production animal free. As a feedstock for these methylotrophic yeast the waste products from biodiesel production will be used. This use of biodiesel waste streams will enable us to produce our product and will contribute to a more sustainable future.


The goal of this company is to produce animal free protein from readily available biodiesel waste streams in order to support a more sustainable future.

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