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Fay de Waal
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- Design, user experience, user interface design, customer journey, interaction, accessibility, creative - Data management, information architecture, data structures, data driven decisions, ERP - Programming, app development, coding, AI - Sustainability, circular economy

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You Should Know

The challenge

One of the biggest barriers to sustainability nowadays is data. Sustainability is an information problem. Without the right data, it is difficult to make the best decisions. While companies spend a lot of time optimising digital products for user friendly design, this is not done for product or company data. As a result, data is difficult to work with and complex to understand, leaving companies with mountains of data left unprocessed and hence unleveraged. The challenge is to change how companies collect, maintain and share information to enable sustainable decision making.

The solution

To enable companies to leverage their data by giving information systems a user interface and applying design and creativity to how we display and interact with information.


To revolutionise the way we work with and present information

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Tel: +31 (0)6 1869 5975 (WhatsApp)

TU Delft Campus

Building 26C

Van der Burghweg 1

2628 CS Delft

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