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The challenge

The aim to provide companies and investors in growing facilities with ultimate solutions that use what architecture and building engineering industries can provide in greenhouse industries to reduce the carbon footprint increase production and crops quality. Our focus is to benefit growing facilities from the digital transition, including BIM building information modelling advanced engineering and use it in easing the operation.

The solution

The solution is a fully optimised & automated greenhouse design. The solution will include facade design (choosing the right material and design for the suitable climate). We measure the expected daylight access to the production level (including photosynthesis level). Provide energy study and projected crops growth (output). Provide a straightforward tool that can be used with the design to optimise the design to launch the development of the plants/crops and the impact of different climates.


To help the world food security with minimum environmental impact and better quality using advanced engineering and building implantations for a better sustainable future.

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