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Kishan Ramesh Kumar
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The mission of our company is to make home composting accessible and convenient while promoting sustainable living and reducing waste sent to landfills.

The challenge

A significant amount of biowaste is being sent to landfills, which contributes to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Many households are not equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to start and maintain a composting system, leading to biowaste being discarded instead of recycled into nutrient-rich soil. Apart from the good intentions of individuals, there is no other incentive for biowaste segregation and home composting.

The solution

The solution is to create a composting kit subscription service that makes it easy and convenient for households to compost their biowaste at home. The service would provide customers with all the tools and resources they need to set up and maintain a composting system, including a compost bin, composting materials, and educational resources. This service can be for individual homes or for entire apartment complexes. The startup could generate revenue through subscription fees, selling extra compost to urban farmers, and landscaping companies, and also by selling additional composting materials, such as composting tools and supplies, to customers.

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