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Marco Xausa
Lukas Uptmoor
Jordan Melvin
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

-Cloud computing knowledge -Strong programming skills in Python and/or C++ -Strong analytical and problem-solving skills -Experience with AI and ML training algorithms and deployment -Data handling skills -Experience with computer hardware

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AI, cloud computing, HPC, programming



Our mission is to harness the power of data centers to provide sustainable heat for greenhouses, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

The challenge

The Netherlands has become the world leader in agricultural innovation, but the sector is facing challenges with the rising gas prices. Greenhouses are still largely dependent on gas and are looking for new solutions to lower their energy bill and move away from gas. Additionally, the demand for computational power is growing, for example, driven by the rapid rise of AI. Datacentres are consuming a significant amount of electricity, with the excess heat generated typically going to waste. This heat could instead be used to warm up the greenhouses. CleanHash aims to bridge the gap between these two industries.

The solution

Our solution is to use small-scale data centers that are easy to connect to existing greenhouse heating infrastructure. Since energy used by data centers is always converted to heat, this excess heat can be used to warm the greenhouse. By using the energy twice - first for computations, then for heating - we can reduce the greenhouse's electricity bill and provide a heating solution that doesn't rely solely on gas.

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