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Philip Wüst
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We use data to create a better world

The challenge

Overfishing is a major environmental issue that is rapidly depleting marine fish populations, causing imbalances in marine ecosystems, and threatening the livelihoods of millions of people. Increasing demand and overfishing, coupled with the lack of effective regulations and monitoring efforts have led to a decline in marine biodiversity. The establishment of marine conservation areas, where fishing is either strictly regulated or prohibited, is critical to protect fish stocks and preserving marine habitats. The United Nations have committed to protecting these areas, but due to a lack of information, these marine conservation areas are selected inefficiently.

The solution

We at Databasking will use data to pinpoint key areas to assign as marine conservation areas. This will help the fish population by making nurseries for young fish. Resulting in a better ecosystem and a sustainable food supply. Fishermen that are now fishing in these areas will benefit from more fish, while the oceans will be sprawling with life again. Enabling future generations to enjoy the beauty of the ocean as we are.

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