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Bilal Abou Hashish
Valentina Gualtieri
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Understanding of Metaverse Experience in Software Development Experience in Virtual Reality Collaboration and problem-solving skills

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I am looking for team members with a passion for technology and an understanding about the Metaverse. Ready to build education of the future.



Providing a revolutionary learning experience about essential skills and knowledge, resulting in a globally recognized certificate.

The challenge

Revolutionary technology, such as AI, is disrupting the learning of students, the job of the educator, and our current paradigm of education. This makes current education far outdated. To keep up with this new reality, companies will develop educational platforms that acknowledge and adapt to these technologies. These platforms will provide the essential 'new knowledge and skills' to stay relevant after the automation revolution. Traditional education institutions will not be able to provide this education to their students, because of their inability to adapt quickly enough to this new reality.

The solution

Our solution is providing a fabulous (XR or virtual) learning experience about essential knowledge and skills, accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is either as an ‘education as a service’ model, or as a platform that is provided to traditional education institutions to keep up with the time. Our vision is to provide students maximum learning potential, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost!

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