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PrinD: 3D Printing Aftermarket Car Parts

PrinD: 3D Printing Aftermarket Car Parts
Team info
Sava Draganski
Raymond Knetemann
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Our new team member should have the following skills: - Knowledge and experience with (advanced) 3D printing - Experience with CAD - Structured and organized workflow - Entrepreneurial mindset

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PrinD is looking for someone who is interested in (advanced) 3D printing, who wants to dig deeper into the automotive spare parts world and someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship and team management.

PrinD: 3D Printing Aftermarket Car Parts


Offering affordable car parts on demand without long waiting and delivery times.

The challenge

Due to car manufacturers being unaware how many of their parts are in circulation, global car part shortages can occur, especially if the part breaks more often than predicted. Car part producers are unable to produce the small number of parts required for reasonable prices due to manufacturing constraints, which causes high part prices. These inflated prices are passed on to consumers by garages, who pay more than is necessary. The challenge is to resolve the parts shortages and reduce lead times for garages and prices for customers.

The solution

PrinD is the all-in-one solution for supplying garages with affordable 3D printed car parts with short lead times. By offering a design service for car parts which haven’t been designed for 3D printing yet, and offering existing designs in our shop, PrinD opens up a whole new world of affordable and fast aftermarket part supply. With our expertise, we offer a 3D printing service where we deliver high-quality parts at a lower cost.