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Drip Visual - Drip Dive

Drip Visual - Drip Dive
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Jacek Baczkowski
Michal Kasperski
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Drip Visual - Drip Dive


Redefining real estate sales and communication process with immersive experiences of unbuilt futures.

The challenge

Dutch real estate developers have to pre-sell as much as 70% of apartments to get financing approval and break ground on a project construction. Currently real estate agents spend a lot of time and effort using images and drawings trying to convey to clients what they are getting for their investment, but means of communication do not give justice to the real product and do not allow for customization. Home-buyers have no possibility of viewing their property directly before it is realized, having to make significant financial commitments based on impressions. Show apartments, means of directly presenting an unbuilt investment, are expensive, limited to a single location, and can only show one flat in one configuration.

The solution

We are developing an extended reality sales application that showcases developers' portfolio through immersive VR experiences and allows their customers to dive into 1:1 experiences of yet unbuilt apartments. Our solution makes it possible to virtually view all apartments from all investments ahead of construction in any sales center location. Home-buyers are allowed to customize and explore pre-configured design options that the developers offer. With every virtual-twin viewing we collect user-data and engagement analytics that help developers tune their offering to the needs of future buyers. Adopting immersive technologies makes the process more transparent for the home-buyer, leading to lowering the risk when making such a significant financial decision. This in turn increases the speed of sales significantly and improves the conversion-rate for developers.

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