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STile: Street Integrated Bikelock

STile: Street Integrated Bikelock
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Daan Rijpkema
Gerben Bultema
Winstijn Smit
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STile: Street Integrated Bikelock


STile wants to make the streets safe and accesible to all bikes again by preventing more than 20,000 bicycle thefts in the year 2028.

The challenge

The Netherlands has to deal with a significant increase in bicycle theft in recent years. In 2021, about 735,000 bicycles were stolen and due to the increased popularity of E-bikes, the damage caused by bicycle theft will continue to rise (source: NH news, ANWB). The CBS estimates the annual loss from bicycle theft at more than €400 million, which is mainly concentrated in the Randstad (source: CBS and ANWB). The bicycle is increasingly no longer considered as a means of transport for fear of theft, which has a negative effect on physical activity and the climate (source: NH news).

The solution

STile is a street integrated universal bicycle frame lock. The lock is user-friendly, economically attractive and above all safe. The lock can be used within seconds by means of a debit card, an app or STile card. The user puts his bike in the lock and uses one of the aforementioned payment methods to activate the lock. The lock is suitable for all types of bicycles and has the main advantage that it is integrated into the street. The frame of the bicycle is thus fixed, which makes theft virtually impossible, so that the lock guarantees almost complete security.