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Senior Tech Support

Senior Tech Support
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Ruben Paauw
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Senior Tech Support


SeniorTechSupport wants to help elderly people feel included in a world of confusing technology

The challenge

A lot of elderly people struggle with everyday technology such as Tablets, cellphones or computers. This can be quite difficult in a world where everything seems to be moving digital. 60 percent of elderly people can't do their online banking alone. This lack of ability to use technology, makes a lot of elderly people feel excluded from the modern world.

The solution

We want to solve this by maybe creating a tutor platform that connects students, which are usually good with technology, to elderly people that need help. This way we can try to teach people how to use their devices so they can start to feel included in this world. This is just 1 solution. I am looking forward to the contest to explore this and to see if there might be even better ways to solve this problem.

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