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Grow It

Grow It
Team info
Ella Gonton
Edicen Jin
Anne Nijdam
Nito Smoor
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Grow It


Using urban farming to enhance the life of people living in urban areas.

The challenge

A great deal of perfectly good food is never eaten or gets thrown away. A lot of food is also lost during storage, harvesting and transportation. Not only is food waste a waste of money, but also of valuable resources such as water, soil and energy. Besides these resources a lot of land is used for agriculture.

The solution

Implementing an optimising urban farming solutions to make farming in urban areas a possibility. Urban farming has many great impacts on both the city and the people in it. Being surrounded by plants has proven to improve both mental and physical health. More green is also beneficial to cities since it will help with CO2 pollution and petrification of cities. We also believe that with more understanding of how to grow food, people will appreciate food more and make people aware of foodwaste. By doing this with Grow It we hope to target United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: 2: Zero Hunger, 3: Good health and wellbeing, 11: Sustainable cities and communities and 12: Responsible consumption and production.

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