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Arno Decorte
Sumeet Joshi
Junhyeon Song
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Web and Software Development UI/UX Design Construction Industry Knowledge Sustainable Materials Expertise Database Systems Experience (MySQL, MongoDB etc.)

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Open to those who are interested in: Changing the way we build our environment and creating a user-friendly hub for a circular economy future.



Circulon is an online circular platform that aims to increase the usage of circular materials by connecting waste makers to waste users. The platform does this by implementing an application that allows homeowners to visualise experimental circular materials within their homes. This will increase accessibility, knowledge, and trust in circular materials and hopefully take us a step closer to a circular economy.

The challenge

The built environment of today aims to incorporate more sustainable materials as it attempts to reduce its carbon footprint and waste production. The unmet problem in achieving this comes from the fact that most sustainable building materials are either not accessible or affordable (or both). Today's built environment plays a huge role in climate change due to the massive amounts of carbon emitted by construction. In response to this issue, there is an acknowledgment to shift towards a circular economy in the built environment in order to reduce waste. However, homeowners and designers find it difficult to move away from the traditional, less eco-friendly building methods due to a lack of awareness, and accessibility to trust in circular materials. Despite this mass supply of eco-friendly materials, their experimental and young nature means that most homeowners are either unaware of it, do not trust it, or do not have access to it.

The solution

Firstly, Circulon addresses these issues by providing an accessible platform that connects users with a catalogue of waste materials that can be repurposed as sustainable building materials. Secondly, as a team of architects with vast knowledge of the building industry and experience in app development, we are well-equipped to start a platform that puts all circular materials in one place so that any environmentally-conscious homeowner or designer can access them easily. Lastly, Circulon utilizes Augmented Reality and Real-Time Rendering technology to effectively visualise and test various sustainable materials in a unique indoor environment. All this will be offered with a single smartphone application and a dedicated website for optimal user experience.

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