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Melanie de Reus
Tim Winnemuller
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Inspire and enrich professionals by exchanging new perspectives, while growing their network, during a fun and engaging Boostday!

The challenge

In the faced paced constantly changing industries of today, designers and strategist are self-conscious, driven, and always on the look for new perspectives and ideas on emerging topics. Besides gaining new perspectives, designers and strategists desire to grow and maintain a broad network of interesting professionals. Congresses, fairs, lectures, and social media platforms like LinkedIn are the most commonly used tools to get the job done. Although these tools may be convenient in some cases, they could lack the ability to interactively gain new ideas and perspectives on a specific topic they are currently working on.

The solution

Scenery is a network platform that matches companies to Designers and Strategists. We enable companies to host a Boostday. The Boostday is a one-day professional retrait, where Strategists and Designers will exchange perspectives and knowlegde with each other and the company’s employees, by brainstorm sessions around a challenge provided by the company, coffee dates, and drinks. It is a fun and enriching experience to get inspired and enriched, while growing your network.

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