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Dr. Medical
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Hazal Aydin
Christopher Groen
We are looking for:

Hard-working, creative, knowledge of high-tech systems and mechatronics, Preferred: knowledge of medicine or biomedical engineering

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Dr. Medical

The challenge

The problem is therapeutic non-compliance: one of the biggest problems in the medical industry besides probably not having a cure for cancer. This means that the patient in question doesn’t take their medication under the correct instructions from their physician and is globally a very common problem. Patients who don't take their meds on time can suffer from damaging side effects and this also results in their therapy not working properly.

The solution

Currently, there are millions of patients taking multiple types of medications on a day. All these medications have different instructions of admittance and this can be inconvenient for patients who have trouble taking them on time or in the right amount. Mr. Medical is a drug delivery device which gives off your medication in a controlled environment and is controllable from your smartphone. No more bags of pills.

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