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Modular Vertical Farming
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Yannick Hoff
Floris Alberda van Ekenstein
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Modular Vertical Farming

The challenge

With a growing world population food demands are expected to rise with at least 60% in the next 30 years, natural resources are becoming more scarce and an urbanising world will prove it increasingly more difficult to produce foods in conventional ways. To keep up with growing demands and high quality food standards cutting-edge food production methods are required.

The solution

We want to challenge the conventional food industry by producing sustainable, high quality and high quantity foods. By applying the technique of modular vertical farming we will be able to produce in any city and in any climate with consistent high qualities. Our intention is not to reinvent the technology of vertical farming but to combine all the innovations in the field (e.g. LED lighting, hydroponics) while applying our own modular design so our farms can be placed in any unused (existing) space.

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