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Johan van der Schaaf
Joris Blok


The challenge

Every night, 600.000 kerosene lanterns are deployed on Lake Victoria in Tanzania to attract dagaa, a small fish that is the main source of income for over 30.000 fishing families. Night fishing is a challenging business. Besides financial challenges, the pressurized nature of the lanterns causes them to explode, causing injuries such as skin burns and even reports of deaths. The solution to kerosene lanterns already exists in the form of solar-powerd fishing lamps. However, for many fishermen it's still a challenge to gain access to these lamps.

The solution

We make solar fishing lamps affordable and accessible for fishermen by buying what is essentially waste to them: Old and replaced kerosene lanterns. We ship them to The Netherlands, upcycle them, transform them into unique electrical lamps and sell them as distinctive products with a powerful story. The sales will be used to financially support fishermen in buying a solar-powered lamp. Our value creation is two-fold. We do not only offer a true museum piece for your home, but also a way to provide a better future for a night fishing family.

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