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Sparky : Smart Parkinson's Monitoring Device
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Ninad Joshi
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Looking for ML-specialists. Passionate people who want to make an impact for the betterment of the society.

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Sparky : Smart Parkinson's Monitoring Device

The challenge

A big problem that our society currently facing is of ageing population in many countries across the globe and among them one of the most common disease is Parkinson's, according to a research there are 96% chances for a person ageing 50 years or older of getting struck with Parkinson's disease. Around 4% of global population is already suffering from this disease and patients live upto 20 years with this disease as there is no cure available in the market, which has a tremendous impact on their lives as patients have higher risks to fall, increased chances of heart attacks etc.

The solution

The Parkinson disease has different stages starting from Low to High. By monitoring people from 50 years and older(who have higher risk of suffering from this disease), our solution monitors this disease and thus by just knowing its progression on time the effects of this disease can be controlled in early stages and doctors can know how and when the appropriate dosage can be given!

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