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Customized neck pain treatment device
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Jiming Bai
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Customized neck pain treatment device

The challenge

Neck pain is a common problem and often becomes chronic. It is really expensive and time-consuming frequently go the physiotherapy, that's why many patient don't actively treat it but live with the pain. An effective yet convenient solution is needed to help patients manage their neck pain.

The solution

The solution is a modularized neck massage device which can provide tailored and precise massage treatment for people with neck pain. The device contains a collar on which users can attach actuators at certain "trigger points". The actuators can simulate finger massage movements, mainly pressing and gliding. Another part is a pillow that can be attached to a chair. After the collar is set up with actuators, it is fixed to the pillow. The pillow is equipped with pneumatic motors which forces the collar to fit the neck to massage on the preset positions. Since the device locates on a backrest of the chair, whenever users feel neck pain they can use it by simply leaning back. The process of using this product is illustrated in the header image in the media section.




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