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Sleep quality of patients in hospitals
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Naomi Aanhane
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Advies over of mijn product mogelijk is om te ontwerpen voor een ziekenhuis en hoever de ontwikkelingen zijn die mijn idee moeten gaan bewerkstelligen.

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Sleep quality of patients in hospitals

The challenge

Hospitals are the first place for people to revalidate from accidents. However, a lot of factors that in a hospital that could make the daily life of the patients a lot easier. Examples are the always beeping devices resluting in patients that wake up while they are sleeping. The problem is that nurses need to come to a room to make the devices stop bleeping. This problem can simply be solved when the devices stop bleeping and nurses get another kind of signal that gets them to the room.

The solution

A lot of these problems can be solved with minimal effort. The idea where I am now thinking about is a smart watch for nurses that shows them wich room they need to go to. The big advantage of this idea is that it can also show them information about medicins of patients. Nurses can see how much medicins patients need to take. Beiing a nurse can be stressful because it is a big responsibility to give patients the right amount of medicins. The smartwatch can help them monitor this.

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