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Jaime Ascencio
Daniel Dacomba
Bodenlenz Fabian


The challenge

Marine Ecosystems have been degrading in alarming rates due to overfishing, pollution, climate change, and other reasons. We have already permanently lost between a third and half of coral reefs worldwide, and another 14% are at risk in the next 2-10 years. By the year 2050, we might have lost up to 90% of coral reefs worldwide even though the Paris Agreement is fully reached. They are critical in the development of biodiversity that represents a huge percentage of the worldwide economy. Even though they are less than 1% of the ocean bottom, they host 25% of the marine worldwide marine life, including commercial fish species! Coral Reefs dissipate up to 97% of wave energy protecting the coastlines from flooding and erosion. If we lose them, the worldwide economy will be severely affected and we will face a crisis to feed the world.

The solution

Scour and Coastal Protection won't be the same! This solution is based on a technology that gives confidence to the engineering firms to design with them, easy enough to install for different types of contractors, complex enough for nature to grow on them and attractive for tourism. We, REEFY, have created a technology to create artificial reefs that can be assembled underwater in a Lego-like structure to dissipate the waves. But not only that! These units are designed for each ecosystem and target species to allow nature to develop and establish. It can be implemented to protect and restore nature in all kind of environments. Icon by [Eucalyp] and Cover by [Matthew Kane]

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