4x Tips to encourage you to think about a future proof future!

Publish date: 2020-09-25

With an eye on your future, we selected 4x tips to feed your entrepreneurial minds. Next to entertainment and relaxation, there is some really good content available that will inspire and motivate you. Check out the following podcast, book, documentary, and website!


Future squared

This podcast Host, Steve Glaveski, is committed to helping you better understand and handle the uncertainty that technology can bring. The podcast is about innovation, entrepreneurship and self-improvement. You can listen to world-class leaders who share their insights, news, case studies and how to keep up with (technological) changes.


The Creative Brain

In this documentary, David Eagleman (neuroscientist and best-selling author) assembles different skillful professionals from a broad creative background. Together they untangle the creative process, exploring brain-bending and other risk-taking approaches. They also inspire their audience to be more creative.


Entrepreneurial Leadership by Joel Peterson

Joel Peterson, an entrepreneur, executive mentor and leadership expert has written a guide for leaders to accomplish true entrepreneurial leadership. Joel claims that ‘For those wanting to make a lasting impact, new skills are required.’ His book consists of four different levels: Establishing Trust, Creating a Sense of Mission, Building a Cohesive Team and finally: Executing and Delivering Results.  



The Economist offers a wonderful, global perspective of the economy at-large. Highlighting socioeconomic factors and political effects in the world market, The Economist might not directly relate to your daily operations, but they can put your work in perspective and remind you that you’re part of a bigger economy. Tip: check out the business and finances section!


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