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Besides building a business or a student team we have some interesting opportunities to offer you after the summer. Together with several partners of the TU Delft Impact Contest, like ASML, Ministerie van Defensie, Nouryon and Novartis we will be organising several Sprint Days. A Sprintday is hosted at the partners office or headquarters and will provide you with the opportunity to solve a challenge that the company is currently facing together with several other students. It is a great chance to show your skills and knowledge and put it into practice.

If you are interested to receive more information about the Sprintdays and have the possibility to get invited to them, please email info@tudelftcontest.nl to inform the organization.

The following Sprintdays are planned: 

 Croonwolter&dros    Croonwolter&dros on the 20th of April  More info




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