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Veridiproject aims to act as a catalyst in the transition to circular agriculture. The company intends to lower the barriers to entry for circular agriculture by offering an excellent customer experience to farmers worried about their soil's health.

The challenge

Global population is increasing while soil fertility is decreasing. The current linear model of agriculture is not sustainable; it promotes waste, degrades soil quality and relies on harmful pesticides. To face these challenges, our practices in agriculture must shift towards a more circular approach, which aims to eliminate harmful external inputs and excess waste, while fighting against the degradation of soil quality. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality has set the ambition of making the Netherlands a global leader in circular agriculture by 2030. This cannot be achieved without maintaining soil health and fertility.

The solution

In order to help and encourage willing farmers to switch to circular agriculture, we propose an online platform which offers the necessary resources to maintain soil health . This comes in the form of an algorithm which allows to perform a soil diagnosis which is 80% cheaper than the ones currently available on the market. The algorithm would also recommend what type of compost with active fungi and microbes is the most adequate to the farmers. These locally manufactured, high quality composts, are sold on our online platform, which would also offer other products facilitating organic and circular agriculture. By using our diagnosis tool and our composts, the farmers obtain a healthier ecosystem of microorganisms in their soil. These beneficial microorganisms limit soil compaction, compete with unwanted parasites and engage in symbiotic relationships with plants.

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