Geriatric Care Through Radar and Artificial Intelligence
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Geriatric Care Through Radar and Artificial Intelligence

Develop senior independence with radar. Improve senior healthcare with artificial intelligence.

The challenge

The global population aged 65 and over is projected to double from 8.5%, 617 million, to 17%, 1.6 billion, by 2050. This means the healthcare system’s survival depends on maintaining and promoting senior independence by prolonging their in-home habitation. But senior independence almost certainly requires monitoring systems, and current ones have many pitfalls: annoyance of wearables, dependence on elderly self-reporting, uncertainty on what to monitor. And then there is the question if the elderly want to be monitored. All these pitfalls not only require a non-intrusive monitoring technology but a new view of the best use of the gathered data.

The solution

My solution is two-fold. It uses radar to gather data unobtrusively, an in-home solution, and expands artificial intelligence’s scope. Radar can measure movement, heart rate and respiration rate, potentially more, without interfacing with the user, putting itself above current systems that invade seniors’ lives. Existing elderly monitoring solutions also limit their AI’s to single user analysis. I intend to build a database of the monitored population’s information and create an AI that evaluates it to understand communal and global trends in senior wellbeing. Selling the data and analyses to geriatric healthcare stakeholders means improving global, communal and individual implementation of care for senior citizen patients.

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