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We are looking for three awesome and inspired team members: Background: -Mechanical Engineers Master student from Energy Flow & Process Technology: to further develop the MVP, assess the parts and inform the Design -Sustainable Energy Technology master Student: to develop the deployment of the technology and assess the client's needs -Chemical Engineer master student: To test and verify firsts chemical formulas for the proof of concept. Qualifications: -Independent -Committed -Inspired -Want to act for a better future

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Urban Loops

Our aim is to provide sustainable and reliable energy storage for housing with low harvesting potentials that need to switch to zero energy.

The challenge

Heating and warm water are responsible for 80% of the energy demand of Dutch households. The consumption for such energy is mainly concentrated in the cities but not the production. The goal is to build a resilient grid with local storage that will handle and enhance the switch to renewable energy production and finally turn down the fossil fuel power plants. 70% of buildings that will exist in 2050 are already built, therefore retrofitting is also a great challenge in order to make those buildings zero-emission in due date.

The solution

Our product addresses the mismatch between energy consumption and renewable energy production during the day, and on a bigger scale, the greater production capacity in summer and greater consumption need in winter. It proposes an all-in-one system that produces and stores energy all year round thanks to our thermochemical storage solution. It is a long-term loss-free system that can operate for a lot more cycles than conventional batteries. The product is designed to be retrofitted to any building with low harvesting potential compared with the number of people to feed energy. Each product, intended as a pavilion, can be easily adjusted to fit the location and improve space interaction.

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