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Circular subscription model

Circular subscription model
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Luuk de Wijn
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Circular subscription model


Our mission is to provide a platform that can facilitate subscription models for physical products incorporating a circular economy.

The challenge

Ultimately, the challenge is the scarcity of raw materials. Eventually, all raw materials inside the earth, especially rare metals, will run out. At a certain point, material collection and conventional product manufacturing will cease to be cost-effective or feasible. This will require the material collection and production processes to shift towards a circular method. However, the processes used currently are so efficient and cost-effective that there needs to be a clear incentive to shift to circular.

The solution

The solution lies in the fact that there must be a clear incentive for companies to move towards a circular model. At the end of the day, it comes down to reducing the cost of the circular process that may include: recycling, remanufacturing, refurbishing and redistribution. The subscription based business model is already very prevalent in digital products and services and has proven to be very effective. It seems to be the future proof model that keeps customers engaged. As for physical products, we believe subscription models that incorporates aspects of the circular process can provide this incentive for companies.

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