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Twenty Five

Twenty Five
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Karthi Saravanan
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Who believe in the idea mainly - Machine learning, AI - Neuroscience and psychology knowledge - Product development

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I am looking for people with product development experience and business skills. Also people interested in neuroscience and artificial intelligence, and med-tech innovators,

Twenty Five


The company's mission is to bridge the gap between the human brain and the conscious.

The challenge

The people suffering from addiction are the ones who need the most help. Addiction, 'bad habits', insomnia, and other psychological problems are basically malfunctions in the brain, similar to a sprained knee, not a disease to take medications for. There exists no sort of human understandable explanations to correlate psychological activity with brain performance yet.

The solution

By addressing the problem from a biological level, neuroscience can help people compare the functioning of the brain to psychological patterns. A device to monitor the regular brain activity of the user under the advice of a psychologist can help to fundamentally conceptualize the functions of the brain, as a result, develop sustainable and healthy habits to replace destructive habits. The 13 needs of a homo sapiens comes down to different chemical compositions in various parts of the brain Machine learning algorithms can be used to study the patterns, ultimately trying to understand the psychological functions in terms of these compositions. Part of the challenge is that we don't have a great language for describing these computations other than math.

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