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Zoekey (Top 30)

Zoekey (Top 30)
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Ana Cristiana Marcu
Sarah Alonso Vega
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Zoekey (Top 30)


Make your bike searches as breezy as your rides. No more endless searching; when you are (Zoek)ing for your bike, Zoekey has your back!

The challenge

Ever spent ages searching the streets for your bike, feeling like you're in a never-ending game of hide-and-seek? We get it. It's a real pain, especially in busy places like train stations and city centers, where bikes seem to disappear into thin air. Did you know, that people in the Netherlands lose an average of 15 hours a year in bike finding alone? And that's not including the additional stress and frustration you most definitely will experience. That's valuable time wasted!

The solution

But fear not! Zoekey is here to rescue you from bike-finding misery. Our magic? A nifty little gadget, just like your car key, that guides you straight to your bike. With a range of up to 300 meters, our three-part system includes a bike-mounted device, a handy remote control, and a user-friendly mobile app. It's simple, secure, and super handy. Whether you prefer a light-up signal or a blaring customizable buzzer, Zoekey's got you covered, ensuring you'll never lose sight of your trusty ride again.

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