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jAIr (Top 30)

jAIr (Top 30)
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Jair Lemmens
Juan Carlos Prazmowski
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Python Energy simulations Full stack web development Parametric modeling (Grasshopper, Dynamo, Houdini, etc.) Machine learning (preferably DRL or surrogate modeling) Architectural design/engineering

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jAIr (Top 30)


To reduce the embodied and operational carbon footprint of buildings using artificial intelligence.

The challenge

Currently available (simulation) tools rely on a detailed model of the building to be constructed. As a result, the carbon footprint of designs is usually only considered at the end of the process. This limits the maximum achievable efficiency and leads to an overreliance on more expensive technical solutions to satisfy construction codes such as bouwbesluit.

The solution

A performance informed Deep Reinforcement Learning agent that can collaborate with designers to generate insight into potential design solutions. These designs will match or surpass contemporary designs in climate performance and can be created in a fraction of the time.

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