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AIdea (Top 30)

AIdea (Top 30)
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Risako Yanagase
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We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Those who have skills of - AIs - Computer Science plus - Groupwork and teambuilding - Leadership - Multicultural communication are welcomed.

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AIdea (Top 30)


Visualize communication to minimize confusion

The challenge

Imagine "a flying car." It would be different from the one the person next to you has imagined. Nobody thinks in exactly the same way. Therefore, we have to tell what is in our mind to others super carefully with words. But, what would it be like if you could use sketches? It would be much easier to tell what "your flying car" is like to others. This communication method with sketches is called "graphic facilitation." So, why don't you draw sketches? I know, not everyone answers “why not?”, because some people are not good at drawing. We know that.

The solution

Here, we are developing an assistive tool for graphic facilitation using AI. In project meetings, for example, you can turn on the product and have discussions with your teammates using sketches generated by the product!

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