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ResiX (Top 30) - Plug and Play Biodigester in Your Kitchen

ResiX (Top 30) - Plug and Play Biodigester in Your Kitchen
Team info
An Naafi Lathifah
Fajril Mardiansah
Sekar Kumala Desi
Shinta Litania Duhain
Yohanes Bayu Suryo Nugroho
Mochammad Miftahul Fahmi
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ResiX (Top 30) - Plug and Play Biodigester in Your Kitchen


Giving a second life to organic waste by turning it into clean energy and valuable byproducts.

The challenge

Indonesia is facing a waste management crisis, as it produces 67,8million tonnes of waste annually, yet has insufficient waste management system. There is almost no waste separation practices anywhere in Indonesia, with 60% of the waste accounts to organic waste. This issue caused several landfill explosion accidents due to the build up of methane gas inside the mounting pile of trash, that goes back as far as 2005 and as recent as 2023. Moreover, unrelated to the aforementioned issue, Indonesia doesn't have a built-in gas system in household yet, and cooking is done by using a refill LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

The solution

Given the amount of organic waste produced annually and the refill LPG in Indonesia, we propose biodigester as the solution to these issues. ResiX's biodigester is a self-producing gas container powered by food waste. A continuous daily input of 10kg food waste can easily produce 3.9kg of gas that can instantly be used to cook. Our complex control system, which includes gas filtration system, motorised stirrer, temperature and pressure controller, made it possible to instantly produce such amount of gas. Our primary target is businesses, e.g. restaurant, hotel, offices as they produce significant amount of food waste and require immediate and stable supply of gas.

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