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Designing with people, by the municipality of Delft: Case Delft Zuid
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Ashni Shah

Designing with people, by the municipality of Delft: Case Delft Zuid

The challenge

The municipality is addressing their ambitions to make the area around station Delft Zuid innovative, circular and inclusive. They are investing time, resources and money in developing the station such that more people use it. They are also renaming it to Delft Campus, in order to make it more explicit and attractive to students, professors and visitors. However, since station Delft Zuid is located in a residential area of the city and close to the TU, all these plans and developments affect the local communities the most. This means it is imperative that the municipality considers and takes into account the needs, problems and routines of the people living in and interacting with the Delft Zuid area. This also means that the citizens should feel comfortable and empowered to voice their opinions and help the municipality to shape the future of their neighborhood with them - the way they see it. To illustrate that in some ways we know already that the municipality has not collaborated or understood the needs of the citizens from the start I provide an example. The renaming of Delft Zuid to Delft Campus. The stakeholders from the Gemeente mentioned that they heard some negative backlash on this from the citizens, "Why should another thing be labeled as Campus?" "Why not rename it as Delft Tanthof?" This shows that the Gemeente is currently designing FOR the people, rather than WITH the people. And this is the main problem that this project will address.

The solution

Create a framework that enables the municipality to involve local communities to design and realize their ambitions, along with the people. This framework could take the shape of a process or a set of tools for the municipality to use.

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