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Why you should join the TU Delft Impact Contest 2023

Publish date: 2023-01-27
The upcoming TU Delft Impact Contest offers TU Delft students a platform to develop innovative, entrepreneurial ideas or prototypes that make impact. Do you want to know why you should join this years edition? Last years finalists will tell you why! 

Coen van den Brand, co-founder of Cryocop: ''We wanted to gain experience in pitching, optimize our business idea and that in combination with the network and the prize money, was the reason we signed up. The TU Delft Impact Contest really gave us a boost and has opened many doors for us! Tip: Go all out from the start. Plan ahead, and set goals for yourself: What do I actually want to learn here?''

Jonette van Rooy, co-founder of OPT: ''You make so many connections - I never expected that in the first year of my Bachelor. A tip? Get LinkedIn and connect with everyone you meet! Even if I never start my own company, I now have more insights into what needs to be done for a product.''

Jaime Alonso Candau, co-founder of ''Before we got in the TU Delft Impact Contest we were quite focused on the technical part, but the marketing part on how we approach customers was something I realize now was something we were not in the good direction. So the contest helped us to actually see who we are going to work with and how we get in touch with them. Also we learned how to communicate and explain our specialized product to somebody who never used our product - how to make it as simple as possible. It is really rewarding to share something that you put so much effort and hours into it and keep improving, and they start using it.''

Maleen Hiestermann, co-founder of SizeRight: ''You come up with ideas throughout your studies, but then they stay ideas... So how do I take this further and make this become a reality? I was never actually in the entrepreneurship environment before. Being in the TU Delft Impact Contest helped me get into this and learn more about it and connect with people.''

Thomas Bos, co-founder of SizeRight: ''It's a motivating programme to take your idea out there and start validating it and see if you can grow your idea into a startup. The other thing is that it's such a nice opportunity to meet likeminded people. The best example is Maleen, we found eachother through the contest.''

Are you getting excited by their experience? Join the TU Delft Impact Contest and start your entrepreneurial journey here!
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