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Ban & Co. (Top 30)

Ban & Co. (Top 30)
Team info
Enes Arda Ozgur
Fikrican Ozgur
Ziyar Uzel
Artun Boz
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Ban & Co. (Top 30)


Our mission is to protect your digital content and brand against copyright infringements while maximizing viewership revenue by safeguarding your content.

The challenge

We aim to address the escalating issue of piracy within the content creation industry. With the rapid expansion of digital content demand, content creators face a significant threat from pirate services offering free or low-cost access to vast media libraries. This undermines legal distribution channels, leading to revenue loss for creators and brand deprivation. As the creator economy burgeons, estimated to reach $480 billion by 2027, combating piracy becomes essential to safeguarding the industry's growth and sustainability amid an ever-expanding variety of platforms and content creators.

The solution

Our solution is a comprehensive defense against digital piracy. By integrating facial recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we swiftly identify and remove stolen content across online platforms, ensuring the protection of valuable intellectual property. Our streamlined Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns expedite the removal process, saving precious time for content owners. Continuous internet scraping further reinforces our defense by erasing unwanted images from the web. Our system is vigilant in detecting and disrupting piracy activities, safeguarding assets, and maximizing revenue. With round-the-clock protection and de-indexing capabilities from search engines like Google, we offer security and peace of mind in the digital landscape.

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