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IN-DUC (Top 30)

IN-DUC (Top 30)
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Joep van Heesch
Sjoerd Lageweg
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IN-DUC (Top 30)


IN-DUC aims to set the new standard for outdoor cooking. We make clean & sustainable cooking available for everyone. With our innovative, mobile, rechargeable induction cooktop designed specifically for outdoor use.

The challenge

We provide fossil fuel-free outdoor cooking, starting the energy transition in the outdoor market. The climate goals of the EU are the following: 2030 should have a carbon reduction and by 2050 the entire EU should be carbon neutral. In the current outdoor climate, more than 95% of people still cook on fossil fuels (mostly gas) and 98% of new caravans and campers are offered with gas cooktops. The reasons people don't cook on electricity yet when cooking on a campsite are: - Electricity supply at campsites isn’t high enough to be able to cook. → supply isn’t increased because of the costs of such renovations and the protection of nature reserves. - Electrical options aren’t marketed for- and tailored to the outdoor market. - Electrical options always have a plug, taking away from mobility. Current ways of cooking bring problems, of which the most important ones are: - Current solutions emit greenhouse gasses. - Current options are dangerous with open flames and toxic fumes - Current options can’t be used in every kind of weather (windy conditions) - Prices of fossil fuels are only getting higher - People don’t know when a canister is empty - The returning of gas canisters is a hassle - The size of an entire set can be too large to bring on a vacation - The amount of heat often can’t be adjusted

The solution

We offer IN-DUC, mobile outdoor induction. Outdoor cooking has never been this good: an efficiency of 95%, 1 hour of pollution-free cooking on maximum heat, charging from empty to full within three hours. This way you remain mobile while cooking on induction. By charging during the day you won't stress the energy grid on the camping. This means you can just leave it to charge while you're out enjoying the vacation, and when it's time to cook you can just take it to wherever you want to cook. Works on full heat for up to an hour and charges from empty to full within 3 hours. It takes away the problems posed with the additional benefits of induction cooking. IN-DUC is induction, mobile & outdoor.

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