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Zeal MD (Top 30)

Zeal MD (Top 30)
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Lennart Zielstra
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Design Intern: BSc or MSc student in industrial (product) design or (bio)mechanical engineering Branding & Marketing Intern: - Branding - Wordpress - Adobe CC - Marketing - Social media content maker (LinkedIn, Instagram)

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Zeal MD (Top 30)


Zeal aims to solve patiënt non-use of medical devices with a focus on prosthetics and orthotics.

The challenge

Drop foot, a condition rendering individuals incapable of raising one or both feet towards the shin, significantly elevates the risk of falls and societal stigma, diminishing overall quality of life. Its origins can be neurologic, muscular, or traumatic, affecting over 20 million people worldwide. To address this, ankle-foot orthoses, mechanical medical devices, are employed. However, existing orthoses restrict ankle mobility resulting in an unnatural gait, cause pressure wounds and are not user friendly. Studies reveal that up to 80% of individuals abandon these devices due to such drawbacks. Enhancing the design and functionality of ankle-foot orthoses is imperative for improving the use-rates of these devices.

The solution

The "Rise" ankle-foot orthosis promotes a natural and comfortable gait. Its design ensures ease-of-use, comfort, and inconspicuousness in everyday use. By better meeting user requirements non-use rate are expected to decrease. Alongside, preserving ankle mobility the Rise minimizes visibility for reduced social stigma, ensures comfort with no pressure points or chafing, enhances ease-of-use with compatibility across a wide range of footwear, and allows use without shoes, accommodating common home ambulation practices.

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