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LogiCarbon (Top 30)

LogiCarbon (Top 30)
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Shreya Sen
Eugenio Tamassia
Fleur van Koten
Jeronimo Caceres
Merel Loman
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Seeking individuals with expertise in any of the following fields: -Chemical Engineering (knowledge in Process/System Calculations & Process Datasheets, PFD-Process flow diagram, etc.) -Technology, Policy and Management (knowledge of finance and technology)

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LogiCarbon (Top 30)


CO2 Hubs: Uniting Small Emitters for a Greener Tomorrow

The challenge

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies have been proven effective in various industries like natural gas processing, hydrogen production, and steelworks. While some industrial facilities capture millions of tons of CO2 annually, smaller facilities struggle with the economics of implementing CCS individually. Clustering offers a solution, where multiple facilities share CCS infrastructure to reduce costs. However, inland emitters, particularly in continental Europe, lack access to developed CO2 transport networks, complicating CCS deployment. A resilient CO2 transport network is crucial, especially in Europe where sources are inland and storage sites are primarily in the North Sea. Attention to the analysis of carbon-capture, transport, and storage (CCTS) supply chains is needed, including the development of specific source-to-sink CCTS supply chains integrating various transport options. Risks associated with storage disruptions are not well-understood due to limited operational experience, particularly concerning storage hubs receiving CO2 from multiple sources. Further development and deployment of CCTS supply chains, including different transport modes like shipping, rail, road, and barges, are necessary to connect smaller emitters to the CO2 network.

The solution

The development of an integrated assessment tool specifically designed to facilitate the evaluation and optimization of the Transport and Storage deployment strategies within the Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage chain, with a focus on smaller emitter clusters connecting to storage sinks. Key Components of the Assessment Tool: 1/Comprehensive Analysis Capabilities 2/Transport Optimization Module 3/Risk Assessment Framework 4/Scenario Analysis & Decision Support 5/Interface & Accesibility

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