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TakeCafe (Top 30)

TakeCafe (Top 30)
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Ole Kaars Sijpesteijn
Cas Gratama
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TakeCafe (Top 30)


Our mission is to introduce a digital, universal token for different reusable cups making shared cup systems highly convenient for both businesses and consumers.

The challenge

As a result of the SUP-regulation, different shared cup systems are introduced like TU Delft's Billie cup. These systems don't offer a convenient refund system: Plastic tokens are often forgotten or lost, causing consumers to frequently pay €1 extra for a drink, and can't be used at other locations that use different cups. Catering establishments often want different reusable cups with (sometimes) their own name on them, for example. Cash refunds costs businesses €0,05 to €0,07 per transaction. Moreover, paper stamp cards are often lost by consumers and thus a big waste of paper.

The solution

TakeCafe is a mobile app enabling consumers to collect universal cup tokens for reusable cups and loyalty stamps, all with only one personal barcode that can be found in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. With TakeCafe integrated in point-of-sale systems (POS), a barista only needs to scan the personal barcode of a consumer in order to give out reusable cup tokens and/ or loyalty stamps. Every transaction is cost free and gives us data to track cup distribution, enabling better cup relocation.

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