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Team info
Mattia Del Grande
Luigi Altieri
Giacomo Biraghi
Marco Cattaneo
Davide Bellini
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-Coding for online platforms -Engineering knowledge

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Building a planet where energy is not wasted and people achieve energy independence.

The challenge

We proposed to the mayor of our city to create a Renewable Energy Community (CER), so the formation of the CER in our city began. From our experience, we have identified three problems that make it difficult to create a CER: 1. INFORMATION: Few people are aware of the economic and environmental benefits provided by CER. 2. FINDING SUITABLE INDIVIDUALS: People cannot form an energy community with just anyone; They need to find energy profiles compatible with theirs. 3. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CER: A final obstacle is the actual establishment of the Energy Community.

The solution

From the experience gained in our city the idea of WeCER was born, an application that simplifies and speeds up all the process for creating energy communities. The app offers practical solutions to the previously analyzed problems, providing all necessary information about Energy Communities. Due to the optimization algorithm, the platform is able to create groups of people ready to give birth to a CER. These groups, aggregated within the platform, are guided through the necessary practices for the establishment of the CER and will continue to use the app for everything related to the administration of the CER.

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